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Pop It Santa Mitten

Pop It Santa Mitten

Ever catch your children, or maybe even yourself, popping the bubble wrap right of the box of a package? Then you'll love this bubble fidget.
Just press the bubbles down and they make a slight popping sound; then flip it over and start again! Endlessly reusable and washable, too.
Non-toxic, tasteless, will not cause any harm to humans and pets.
Bright colors and pleasant sounds are sure to please any child!
Ideal gift for your friend or family member

Stress & Anxiety Reducing: Have you noticed that your child, or yourself, suddenly feeling anxious, restless and a bit OCD? Then you might need or even love with this Pop Fidget Toy. Relieve stress and anxiety by simply playing with these toys. Boredom or to simply pass the time.

Healthy, Durable & Washable: Popit Fidget Toy uses high-quality silicone material, Non-toxic, tasteless, Can be reused and cleaned for a long time. Bright colors and pleasant sounds are sure to please anyone!
Play Anywhere Anytime: With no parts to get scattered around and no noise making pieces, push pop bubble fidget sensory toy played in a car, plane, restaurant, camping (it’s liquid-proof), school, doctor’s office – really anywhere, and there are not any batteries to replace!!

FUN GAMES: A fine motor game, players take turns pressing down any number of bubbles they wish in a single row. The player who presses down the last bubble loses. Push and POP!!! A great fidget tool for hair pullers, skin pickers and other sensory seekers.
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