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Quiet Tent

Quiet Tent

It is every parent's wish to have safe spaces for their children and many would love a purpose-built sensory room, however for some, this is not an option due to space limitations and other practical issues, so how about a small space that is just for them that you can still have oversight of.


Sensory spaces can offer several benefits for children, including:


  • Calming effects: They help over-sensitive children who may react negatively to hypersensitivities like loud surroundings or bright lights by providing a calming environment.
  • Sensory stimulation: These spaces, however small, can be created with resources to help children with additional needs engage their senses.
  • Improved focus: Sensory play in these spaces can help children absorb and retain more information, improving their focus by minimising the environment around them.
  • Cognitive development: Engaging different areas of the brain through sensory play aids in cognitive development without disruption.
  • Promotes sensory development: It supports children in using their senses to their full potential.

These are just a few of the advantages that sensory spaces can provide for children’s development.


The size of the tent is 100cm x 100cm x 100cm without the inclusion of the roof peak. 

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