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A word from Sensory in Mind's founder...

In 2020, after years of navigating a system meant to offer support to those with additional needs, I had to bid farewell to my son as he embarked on a daunting 7.5-year prison sentence. While he had to face the consequences of his actions, I found myself grappling for answers. Back in 2014, a paediatrician had grimly outlined that ADHD often paved the way to bleak trajectories: early mortality, substance abuse, or incarceration. Those words lingered in my mind. Identified as a restless child at the age of 5, my son's journey to receiving a diagnosis of ADHD and ASC was fraught with obstacles. It took another 9 years, two permanent exclusions from school, and the beginnings of a criminal record before he was formally diagnosed. As I retraced the steps that led us to this point, I couldn't help but notice the multitude of missed opportunities—reachable, teachable moments that slipped through our fingers. There were chances to listen and learn, as parents, as professionals, and as he transformed into the young man he is today. What became strikingly clear was that this outcome wasn't an inevitability; there was a time when he was eager to achieve, to make it through the day, to blend in with his peers—moments that, if seized, could have made all the difference. When his time behind bars eventually comes to an end, a new chapter will unfold. However, I'm determined to use the time we have now to collaborate with other parents. Together, we're delving into those pivotal moments of influence, supporting one another in reflecting on our approaches to behaviour, and offering essential resources. Our goal is to intercept those moments when emotions surge, when restlessness takes hold, or when anxiety tightens its grip. By doing so, we strive to prevent exclusion and the overwhelming sense of perpetual failure. This isn't just about my son's journey or mine; it's about creating a support network for parents who understand the challenges intimately. By channelling our collective experiences and knowledge, we hope to transform these crucial moments into turning points, empowering our children to thrive, to succeed, and to feel understood.

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