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Our Direction

In the realm of education, we find ourselves at a crossroads where traditional pathways may not always be the best fit for every young person. At Sensory in Mind, we are passionate about reshaping the landscape of education to cater to the unique needs of neurodivergent individuals. We believe that every individual deserves an inclusive, empowering, and supportive educational experience that paves the way for a promising future.

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Vocational opportunities, instead of GCSE's?

The question arises: why should we limit young people's opportunities to the confines of traditional GCSEs, especially if circumstances are indicating that this path might not be the best route for them? If a young person faces repeated exclusions or is on a trajectory that makes success in conventional GCSEs unlikely, why not explore vocational opportunities? The drive and talent these individuals possess should be recognized and nurtured at the earliest feasible moment. Instead of waiting for redirection to specialized provisions, let's open doors to vocational pathways that align with their innate abilities and aspirations. By doing so, we can spare them the emotional trauma often associated with traditional academic routes.


Inclusive vs Exclusive.

One of the challenging aspects of education is dealing with instances of exclusion, particularly when they stem from undesirable behaviors triggered by various factors. We believe it's crucial to explore ways in which educational environments can be adapted to accommodate the needs of neurodiverse individuals while providing essential education for their neurotypical peers. The dichotomy between exclusive teaching methods and inclusive practices is worth investigating. Can we create classrooms that are thoughtfully designed, incorporating elements like plain walls, sensory accommodations, secluded spaces, and assistive technologies? Our aim is to foster an atmosphere where every student, regardless of their neurodivergent or neurotypical status, can learn and thrive in an environment that understands and addresses their unique needs.

Join Us in Redefining Education...

At Sensory in Mind, we envision an education system that goes beyond the conventional norms, embracing the diversity of every learner. Our commitment to providing resources, tools, and insights stems from a deep-rooted desire to create a more inclusive and accommodating educational journey for neurodivergent individuals. Through research, advocacy, and collaboration, we aspire to reshape education into an empowering experience that nurtures potential, celebrates differences, and equips young minds for a promising future.

Together, let's embark on a journey of transformation and build an educational paradigm that truly serves every individual, fostering growth, understanding, and success.

Sensory in Mind Steering Group: A Step Towards Authentic Representation

Here at ADHD and ASC Resources with Rosie, we recognize the significance of genuine representation within the ADHD and ASC community. Acknowledging our limitations, we understand that our team lacks the diversity and perspectives that are essential to truly connect with and serve our community. And so, we're taking meaningful action to change this narrative.

Enter our newly formed Steering Group – a collective of remarkable individuals from the ADHD and ASC community. With open hearts, we've reached out to these insightful individuals, inviting them to join us on this transformative journey. Their experiences, both as personally diagnosed members or family advocates, bring an invaluable depth of understanding to our mission. However, it doesn't end there. Each Steering Group member also contributes a promise to enrich our vision and elevate our services, placing children, young people, and their families at the core of everything we stand for.

In forming this Steering Group, our goal is clear: to ensure that our language resonates appropriately, our resources are genuinely inclusive, and our efforts remain laser-focused on the most relevant and impactful aspects of support. This marks a pivotal moment for our business as we recalibrate our course to better serve our community.

As we finalize the participation details of these exceptional individuals, we're excited to update this section and share their profiles with you. Together, we are charting a new trajectory – one of authenticity, understanding, and unwavering commitment to the individuals and families we are dedicated to empowering.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this promising chapter of growth and transformation.

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