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Supporting our mission..

At Sensory in Mind, our commitment to accessibility means that we strive to keep our resources affordable for all parents, ensuring that no one faces financial barriers due to a disability or additional needs. However, the current economic challenges have impacted our ability to generate substantial funds to aid those in need of our services

Your Support Matters: ways to make a difference:

We offer several avenues through which you can contribute to our cause and help us extend our support to others:

1. Become a Sponsor:

By becoming a sponsor, whether as an individual or a company, you directly contribute to our initiatives while gaining valuable promotional benefits. Your support allows us to provide essential resources

to those who require them the most. In recognition of your sponsorship, you'll enjoy

various promotional opportunities through our website, letterheads, and email

signatures. When you choose to sponsor individual bags or boxes, your name or logo

will also be featured on their graphics.

Support through Sponsorship:

  • Financial Sponsorship: Contribute funds in exchange for visibility and publicity,
    showing your dedication to making a positive impact in the community.

  • In-Kind Sponsorship: Offer marketing support or provide venues for groups in
    Bristol, helping us reach more families and young individuals in need.

  • Media Event - Event Sponsorship: Support us through media outlets or event funding, contributing to our advertising efforts and extending our reach.


Why Sponsor?

Sponsoring Sensory in Mind allows you to engage in philanthropic support while showcasing your commitment to helping those who require assistance. Your sponsorship goes beyond financial aid – it translates into tangible resources, empowerment, and the knowledge that you've made a significant difference.


Your contribution enables us to continue providing vital resources and support, ensuring that everyone has access to the tools they need to thrive.


To explore the different ways you can support us as a sponsor, reach out to us today. Together, we can create a positive ripple effect, transforming lives and communities one step at a time.

2. Make a donation:

Make a Donation


You can make a donation here.

All donations are used to provide support to children and young people or to provide the much-needed research that we have a passion to complete.

For more information on how we use your donations, please don't hesitate to contact us.

3. Provide feedback and support.

Provide feedback and support us as a member through regular consultation.


4. Offer a skill to support our business (voluntarily):

Because we are a very small organisation we need all the support we can get. We are looking for people who can offer the following skills in a voluntary capacity:

  • Social Media 

  • Marketing

  • Content writers

  • Subject Specialists

  • Fundraisers

  • Researchers

  • ADHD and ASC specialists with capacity to support groups in Bristol

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